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41, rue de Bourgogne
75007 PARIS
Phone: 33 (1) 44 18 08 86 Fax : 33 (1) 44 18 08 89
Contact: Timothee Mougeotte
Welcome to France Horticulture Connection, the French know-how entrance to plant genetic selection (plant breeders, nurseries of fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, turf and cultures for industrial purposes), manufacturers of disposal items, manufacturers of equipments & technologies and services exclusive to horticulture professionals to help them improve crop yield, quantity and quality, nutritional value, resistance to insects and diseases and environmental stresses.

France Horticulture is member of ADEPTA ( Our mission is:
- Promote the know-how, products and technologies providing exhibiting opportunities for FH Members.
- Advocate Memberís interests on international trade matters and exports.
- Serve as a mechanism for sharing information, creating ideas and programs to develop business for FH Members.
For more information, please contact: